Kelsie L.

I've been working with Jill for the past 5 months and couldn't have asked for a better experience!
I initially reached out to her in hopes of changing my diet to better manage symptoms related to PCOS and never would have thought I would have seen such a positive impact not just with PCOS but with my entire lifestyle.
Jill is so knowledgable and took the time to understand my issues and how it affects my personally, not just a generalize view. Since day one she made sure we are working together to find what works for me. Her entire attitude and approach to health is contagious and has completely changed how I approach managing PCOS and my health in general.
If you are someone suffering with PCOS, another dietary condition, or just someone looking to remove "dieting" and become a healthier person  with trusted guidance you are in the best hands with Jill!

-Kelsie L.

Michaela S.

“I can't fully put into words how much Jillian has changed my life through transforming my understanding of and relationship with food. She truly cares about her clients, and is willing to do what it takes to get them the care that they need. She provided me with an individualized experience, and worked to go beyond basic nutritional tools to target my specific needs. She seemed honestly invested in my health journey and my personal path, and provided support well beyond what I came in expecting. Jillian is a brilliant nutritionist, caring person, and true advocate for health. I credit her with changing my understanding of food and nutrition, and I am grateful to have been able to work with her. Each of our meetings were filled with realistic advice, positive energy, and insightful comments. I would recommend Jillian to anyone and everyone!”

- Michaela S.

Michelle A.

“Everyone should work with a nutritionist and it should be with Jillian Greaves. Before I met Jillian, I thought I was a failure, because I didn't have a handle on my nutrition. Then, I quickly realized, we all have room to enhance our daily nutritional intake to live our healthiest life in the present and future. Jillian breaks down the whole concept of daily nutrition into small manageable steps. She is a  kind, realistic, and non-judgemental nutritionist who teaches her clients how to take a positive approach on their food intake and meal planning. Jillian is a human "google" who suggests recipes, pre/post workout meals, grocery shopping planning, etc.

When you work with Jillian, you will learn to take a gentle and positive approach about your body's nutritional needs. Jillian is an excellent communicator who consistently checks in with her clients. She is passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition. The approach she uses with me, makes me excited about making positive changes to be my healthiest self.  I am so grateful, I followed my intuition to reach out to Jillian to schedule an appointment. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, I hope you do the same!”

- Michelle A.

My N.

“About half a year ago I decided to focus on myself. I was dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety and depression, but I didn't want to medicate myself. I decided to instead heal myself from the inside out. I knew that there was a correlation between food, how I was feeling and even my skin, but I was not educated about the topic. I did some research online and came across Jillian and something in me was like "You need to go see her!" So I reached out via email and Jillian quickly got back to me for a consultation. Jillian was super easy to talk to and work with! She uses an app to make things even easier (Booking appointments, messaging, summary's of all your sessions etc.) Jillian never made me feel negatively about my decisions, she always encouraged me and found ways to tweak things to work better for me. I feel like even though it's only been a few months, I've gained so much knowledge and started making healthier choices without compromising things I love to eat. I have slowly learned that it's not about perfection... it's all about balance! I highly recommend Jillian, and I hope that she can change your life the way she has changed mines. No matter what's your goal I feel like EVERYONE can benefit from seeing a nutritionist!”

- My N.

Seth H.

“Jillian is great!  She made things simple for me.  She asked me insightful questions to get an understanding of where I was at with my diet and what my relationship with food was.  From there she helped me layer small attainable goals on top of each other until these changes became routine.  I had some cholesterol concerns that I wanted to address through my diet first before entertaining the idea of taking medication.  Through Jillian's guidance and education I was able to successfully get my levels stabilized to avoid taking a pill daily!  Jillian is an excellent communicator and delivered her deliverables when she said she would which I appreciated.  She's very passionate about food and gives rewarding exposure to information on her website and Instagram account.  I'd highly recommend!”

- Seth H.

Kendra S.

“Prevention Pantry Nutrition has had an incredible impact on my life. I have been working with Jillian for months now and have seen many positive changes when it comes to my overall relationship with food and eating, as well as my overall health. Through times of transitions and not having a concrete schedule, Jillian really helped me find an approach to food that fits my lifestyle. She also has helped me understand how PCOS affects my body and provided me with tips and tricks to minimize inflammation and blood sugar spikes. I love how there is not a focus on crash diets, but it is rather focusing on a more wholesome lifestyle approach that is not a quick, temporary "fix".

Not only have I changed unhealthy eating habits, I have seen my outlook and unhealthy thoughts about food change. Instead of looking at foods being "good" or "bad" I think about what I am craving/want and do not restrict what I eat, but rather feed my body both what it wants and needs. 

I highly suggest working with Jillian and Prevention Pantry to anyone who is looking for a doable, not diet focused life-change and great support to reach personal goals!”

- Kendra S.

Kristy G.

“In November 2018, Jillian presented to our group of Women in Finance and Accounting Leadership. These ladies tend to have positions with high stress, late nights at the office, extensive travel and perhaps even little time to grab lunch/food throughout the day. Jillian tailored her presentation on nutrition and mindful eating specifically for this audience. She explained things in a way that was easy for everyone in the room to understand and addressed issues that were relevant for this group of women, such as healthy snacks at the office that are appropriate for in between or even during meetings. Her beliefs are grounded in nutritional science rather than the latest fads. This was very impactful to most of us who have been trying to keep up with the hottest diet trends. Working with Jillian was easy and seamless. The night of our event she was not feeling well and still pulled through to deliver an awesome presentation! I would definitely recommend Jillian for any corporate wellness function!”

- Kristy G.