Kristy G.

“In November 2018, Jillian presented to our group of Women in Finance and Accounting Leadership. These ladies tend to have positions with high stress, late nights at the office, extensive travel and perhaps even little time to grab lunch/food throughout the day. Jillian tailored her presentation on nutrition and mindful eating specifically for this audience. She explained things in a way that was easy for everyone in the room to understand and addressed issues that were relevant for this group of women, such as healthy snacks at the office that are appropriate for in between or even during meetings. Her beliefs are grounded in nutritional science rather than the latest fads. This was very impactful to most of us who have been trying to keep up with the hottest diet trends. Working with Jillian was easy and seamless. The night of our event she was not feeling well and still pulled through to deliver an awesome presentation! I would definitely recommend Jillian for any corporate wellness function!” - Kristy G.