Kendra S.

“Prevention Pantry Nutrition has had an incredible impact on my life. I have been working with Jillian for months now and have seen many positive changes when it comes to my overall relationship with food and eating, as well as my overall health. Through times of transitions and not having a concrete schedule, Jillian really helped me find an approach to food that fits my lifestyle. She also has helped me understand how PCOS affects my body and provided me with tips and tricks to minimize inflammation and blood sugar spikes. I love how there is not a focus on crash diets, but it is rather focusing on a more wholesome lifestyle approach that is not a quick, temporary "fix".

Not only have I changed unhealthy eating habits, I have seen my outlook and unhealthy thoughts about food change. Instead of looking at foods being "good" or "bad" I think about what I am craving/want and do not restrict what I eat, but rather feed my body both what it wants and needs. 

I highly suggest working with Jillian and Prevention Pantry to anyone who is looking for a doable, not diet focused life-change and great support to reach personal goals!” - Kendra S.