Michelle A.

“Everyone should work with a nutritionist and it should be with Jillian Greaves. Before I met Jillian, I thought I was a failure, because I didn't have a handle on my nutrition. Then, I quickly realized, we all have room to enhance our daily nutritional intake to live our healthiest life in the present and future. Jillian breaks down the whole concept of daily nutrition into small manageable steps. She is a  kind, realistic, and non-judgemental nutritionist who teaches her clients how to take a positive approach on their food intake and meal planning. Jillian is a human "google" who suggests recipes, pre/post workout meals, grocery shopping planning, etc.

When you work with Jillian, you will learn to take a gentle and positive approach about your body's nutritional needs. Jillian is an excellent communicator who consistently checks in with her clients. She is passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition. The approach she uses with me, makes me excited about making positive changes to be my healthiest self.  I am so grateful, I followed my intuition to reach out to Jillian to schedule an appointment. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, I hope you do the same!” - Michelle A.